OPP Offer Tips to Safeguarding your Cottage over Winter


With the fall approaching, many cottage and seasonal property owners begin to close or winterize their properties. It is important to protect your investment all year-round. 

Some tips to safeguard your cottage include:

  • Secure your windows and doors. Close window curtains or blinds, and put up shutters to protect the interior from animals or humans
  • Do not leave any valuables at the cottage (electronics, personal items, tools) unless you’re prepared to lose them. Lock up sporting goods that you decide must stay year-round (fishing rods & equipment, water skis, toys). Record the serial numbers of anything of value left behind.
  • Pack up and take home all alcohol.
  • Don’t leave firearms or weapons at your cottage. It is important to know that if firearms are not secured properly, the owner of the firearm may be charged for unsafe storage under the Criminal Code of Canada.

    Some additional end of season tips: 

  • If you are leaving vehicles, boats, ATVs or snow machines, make sure they’re winterized and secure. Leave nothing on trailers unless it is locked or disabled.
  • Designate a year-round contact or key-holder for: alarms, thefts, weather damage or animal problems.
  • Make a list of where everything is and make copies. Store one copy at your primary residence and put a copy with items that will go back up to the cottage on your next trip.

These tips can help reduce thefts and damage to cottages and summer homes during the off-season.   For more tips on protecting your property go to www.opp.ca.



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