Highway 17 Remains Closed at 5:30 p.m.


Highway 17 between Wawa and White River remains closed at this time. It was closed at 7:30 this morning due to a tragic collision that has claimed four lives.


Barricades have been put up at Wawa, at the intersection of Hwy 17 and 101. Originally it was unmanned, but with reports of people disregarding the barricade, an OPP officer remained at the closure, barring people from going north.


In Wawa, many have taken refuge in restaurants, some have parked and put their lawn chairs out beside their motor homes,waiting for news of the highway opening. Some have been very innovative and taken the opportunity to take a nap, like this individual in a hammock on Pinewood Drive.

If you are in Wawa or White River go take a coffee break somewhere. Keep the highway clear so that emergency vehicles can travel the roadway safely! MyWawa will continue to update readers as more information becomes available.




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