Goldcorp Files Advanced Exploration Closure Plan for Borden Gold Project


Goldcorp’s Borden Gold Project near Chapleau has filed an Advanced Exploration Closure Plan. Goldcorp is planning to extract a bulk sample of roughly 30,000 tonnes of rock to be assayed and analyzed. In order to perform this bulk sample, a portal and small ramp will be constructed. This bulk sample is required as part of the pre-feasibility work for a mine. This work will begin in late 2016 or early 2017 if all is approved.

From the Closure Plan:

“The following are the major components of this Closure Plan as proposed by Goldcorp: 

• Development of a new portal and ramp for extraction of a bulk sample, about 30,000 tonnes; 
• Stockpiling of mine rock from portal / ramp development; 
• Temporary stockpiling of the bulk sample material (within the mine rock stockpile area), with haulage off-site for testing; 
• Collection and diversion berms to facilitate the separation of mine rock and bulk sample material “ contact” water from natural surface runoff; 
• Construction and operation of a new Collection Pond and treatment of “contact” water comprising: underground mine water, mine rock and bulk sample material stockpile runoff, and general site runoff; 
• Mobile water treatment facilities involving pH adjustment and/or flocculent addition; 
• Installation of a mine water effluent discharge pipeline, routed to the west to Borden River; 
• Operation of two diesel generators, with up to 4.1 megawatts (MW) of power supply, and one backup diesel generator; 
• A maintenance shop for upkeep of large haul trucks; 
• A septic tank and raised tile field bed; and 
• Temporary (mobile) service buildings, including office triers (should read trailers?) and mine dry.”


There is a 30-day review and comment period for any member of the public to comment on, but comments must be received before October 2nd.

All comments received before Oct. 2, 2016 will be considered. Members of the public can access the environmental registry at this link.


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