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‘Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.’ ~ Inuit Saying

After hearing of the death of a former co-worker who touched the lives of so many, dealing with having a severe cold for the last six days while working all of those days, before giving my husband my cold and feeling extremely exhausted tonight, I have opted for a reprint of something I wrote a while back.

In an effort to exercise extreme self-care, here is the note that I wrote on my Facebook wall, in November of 2013. It was written following a dream that I had and had quite a powerful message.

Imagine If… 

Imagine if, before our souls made the journey to earth, we were called into a group meeting where we were given a few tips about our pending trip. This is how the conversation might go.

‘Listen up folks. We just want to let you know about a few things before you go. Unfortunately, once you leave, you likely won’t remember this conversation clearly.

One of the ways you can keep this conversation in your mind is to spend some quiet time, each day. The quiet will help you stay connected with us, even while you are away.

Your adventure will last anywhere up to 120 years in length, but there is no time guarantee. You could be asked to start your journey at any time, it could last days, weeks, years or decades and your trip permit could expire at any moment.

Upon expiry, you will report back here for debriefing.

You will experience pain and you will experience joy, along the way. This is guaranteed. Sometimes there is more pain than joy. Each journey will vary. No worries, though, it is all very normal.

Every life moment you spend on earth will contain both positives and negatives, at the same time. You are given free will to choose if you give your attention to the challenges or to the blessings.

Giving more attention to the challenges will result in stress, worry, anxiety and depression. Giving more attention to the blessings will give you the energy, the stamina and the health to keep going.

Once you become an adult, you get to decide what to do with your time. You can waste your time or you can maximize your time. The choice is yours to make. The clock just keeps ticking.

You can treat others well or treat them badly. Karma will follow you, even upon your return. You can switch it up while on earth. Any day can be a fresh start.

If you try new things, follow your passions and listen to your intuition, you will fare much better in the long run.

Any joyful memories that you experience will last forever, even upon your return. The challenging memories will fade over time. The one condition, though, is that you give the joyful memories more attention and focus, than the painful ones.

The last and most important tip is to be grateful and express appreciation for the ups and downs of the journey. Not being grateful results in much more pain than necessary.

Gratitude is the key to getting you through the hard times. Remember to find things to be grateful for, despite the struggles and obstacles, and you will thrive on your journey.

We will look forward to seeing you back here, to let us know how it went and advise you of the next steps. Consider your journey a test. We want to know if you have what it takes to progress to the next level of awareness and growth.

Have fun along the way, come back with stories and make the best of it. You only get one shot at it. (Some exceptions may apply). Bon voyage!’

Would you feel differently about your life if this was the reality? What would you do differently? 

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