Found on Facebook… September 13


14344738_734608812045_1915395315774313687_nDid you know that over half of the people who are infected with Hepatitis C have no symptoms in the beginning?

Hepatitis C is a virus that attacks the liver. Many never feel sick and recover completely. Others get a short, acute illness with fatigue, loss of appetite and their skin and eyes turn yellow “jaundice”. If you cannot fight off this virus you could develop chronic hepatitis, perhaps cirrhosis (liver scarring), liver failure and even liver cancer later in life.

Chronic hepatitis C has been termed a “silent” disease because often no symptoms appear until your liver is severely damaged.

Curious as to why harm reduction works? Come today at Lion’s Beach for a free BBQ, education session and Hep C testing event!

There is a free BBQ today where you can get some information on Hepatitis C and/or get free testing while you enjoy lunch. This bbq will offer an education session and Hep C testing from 11:30 to 1 p.m.


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