Bad Mood


So, I would like to say that things went smoothly this week, but I would be lying. I think I cursed more times, to myself of course, than I have in the entire last year. Everything bugged me. People bugged me. Electronics bugged me. Fruit flies bugged me. Traffic bugged me.

I was trying to get a number of things accomplished today and was setting up a television and DVD player. After hooking up speakers, getting fresh batteries for the remotes and testing out the player I went and turned the player upside down to clean it all off and got the DVD stuck inside.

An hour later, after disassembling and reassembling the player, I got the DVD out, but it was scratched and ruined. I went on to attempt to hook up another system, where I needed to get speakers to play from a ceiling projector. After purchasing two separate systems this week, neither would work. Both had to be returned to the store.

I then went to my daughter’s house. I ended up pulling a box of cereal out of her garbage can, as I promptly advised her that it was recyclable. At the same time, a half a box of sticky cereal, with a broken bag, spilt all over the floor. She looked at me and promptly stated that this was the reason it was in the garbage and not the recycling. I sheepishly proceeded to sweep up the mess.

Yesterday, I got an oil change, air filter change, fluid check and wiper blade change, in preparation for a trip. On the way home, I noticed the broken wiper blade was still on my vehicle. When I called the business, they advised that they forgot to put it on.

I asked for a refund and they said they couldn’t do it over the phone and I had to come in anyway. I asked what time they were opened until today. I worked until after 4. They said 5. I showed up at 4:39 pm. The place was closed. I called them and left a message, expressing my frustration.

This morning, a guy was driving 40 in an 80 km zone. A woman sat at a green light, obviously texting after the light had turned. An e-bike was driving on the side of the road, against traffic and almost veered in front of me. Yesterday, I called a trucking company head office, to report an erratic transport driver who was speeding and ran a stop sign.

This week, I was on a rampage and anyone in my way was going to get a telepathic blast. Incompetence was everywhere, or so it seemed.

I also tried acupuncture for the first time in over 30 years. The last time I passed out and woke up drenched from head to toe. This time, one needle wouldn’t go in near my shoulder blade. A new position was determined, but it also wouldn’t go in. Another one then went in, only to feel like an aggressive coiled snake was poked from a restful sleep.

A muscle knot then frantically let go, with a huge contraction. It took me three times of sitting up and lying back down because I felt nauseous and light headed. My shoulder was sore for two days.

Attending a funeral of a former co-worker made my heart heavy, I was on day 13 of a nasty cold, my chest hurt and even the smallest activity made me winded. My temper was hot, my energy was low. I noticed all of the little things that annoyed me.

I am happy to say that even though I was on my last nerve all week, I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt, I hung out with my little grandson as we explored nature in our yard, I watched with glee as he jumped and played in mud puddles and brought me sunflowers. My daughter surprised me with lunch and a smile cookie today and a client gifted me with a homemade fabric pumpkin for fall décor.

I got so many things done on my list because I have some fantastic new staff members in place and I was able to get out and about more freely, I discovered great new soft and cozy leggings that make me happy, had some great deep and reflective conversations, got and gave some great hugs and I am about to have a several day visit with my loving Aunt, hopefully, get some medical answers and spend some quality time with my husband.

When I put all of the little annoyances in perspective, there are must worse things that people have to deal with on a daily basis. My bubble is not really that bad after all and my shoulder even feels better than it has in years. I have more blessings in my life right now than most have in their entire lifetime.

When you are at your wit’s end, I hope that you are able to put your issues in perspective as well. It is the only way that we can turn a bad mood into a smile. Maybe you have more to be grateful for than you think. I know that I do….

‘I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.’ ~ Charles M. Schulz

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