Mayor Ron Rody Presents Wawa Goose Print to Karin Grundt


On Saturday, September 17th at Karin Grundt’s “Surprised” Birthday Party Mayor Ron Rody presented her with a Michael Cleary ‘Wawa Goose Print’.

Karin has been a vital part of the Wawa community, as a seamstress, photographer, animal rescuer and as Ron phrased it, “Wawa’s conscience”. In her springtime weekly column, she doesn’t mince words, chastising everyone about the amount of litter found and picked up by her and her Garbologists on the streets of Wawa and our highways leading to town. Karin once took the step of making beautiful reusable bags and presented them to the Council of the day, so that they could lead by example.

Karin had no idea that 80+ of her friends had been invited to this special evening or that she would be receiving this print. She was completely surprised that everyone could keep this a secret from her, and had a great time visiting with everyone who came to celebrate with her.


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