MPP Mantha demands answers from Wynne government about Service Ontario closures


QUEENS PARK – Yesterday MPP Michael Mantha (Algoma-Manitoulin) demanded answers from the provincial government on the status of nine Service Ontario offices across the province, including one in Blind River, that are facing closure pending government reviews.

“To date we have yet to receive any updates from your Ministry as to the results of these reassessments. These offices provide a vital service to which all Ontarians deserve equal access. Can you please tell us what progress is being made on the revaluations?” Mantha said.

In addition to requesting a status update, Mantha also demanded assurances from the Wynne government that these closures won’t be reintroduced, since the government has overturned its decisions in the past.

“A Service Ontario office is important to smaller communities. Public services are being cut and squeezed across Ontario. People are really disappointed. They didn’t vote for these office closures or for the threat of having these offices closed, either. Now they don’t know what to expect from this government,” Mantha said.  “What assurances can your ministry offer that these closures won’t be reintroduced today or at a later date?”

Back in June, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services announced that nine Service Ontario offices across the province were under consideration for possible closure, including the Blind River office.  Residents of Blind River participated in a rally to tell the Ontario government they need to keep their Service Ontario office open.  Service Ontario provides Ontarians with an easy, cost-effective way to access government services.




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