Interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator?

The Algoma Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce that we are running a Basic Amateur Course starting this Tuesday, September 12th at Great Lakes Honda- 7:00PM.
There is still time to sign up by contacting [email protected] or just come to the first night of the class. 
The cost of the course is $35, which includes a one-year Associate Membership in the AARC and provides teaching notes and a Study Guide by means of a DVD.
The course runs for 7 weeks and ends in early November with an Industry Canada test. If you are successful, you will be able to transmit on the Ham Radio Bands.
Ham Radio is not only a great hobby, it also provides basic long distance and local communication when all other methods fail.
For further information on club activities check
Bruce Lenton, Educational Director
Algoma Amateur Radio Club


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