October is Child Abuse Prevention Month


October is Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Each year as October approaches, the CAS asks all members of the community to wear a purple ribbon as a protest against child abuse and neglect.  One of CAS’ goals is increasing public awareness and understanding of child abuse prevention.  It is the responsibility of our community to ensure the safety and well being of its children.  Children are our future.

Purple ribbons will be available at a number of locations throughout the month of October.  Everyone is invited to make a small donation when taking a purple ribbon, but it is entirely optional.

Our Foster Parent Appreciation Week is in October.  It is a time when the CAS shows its appreciation to those who come forward to help foster children until they can be safely returned to a primary or alternative caregiver.  The CAS always needs new foster parents.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call 856-2960 extension 453 or drop into the office at 31 Algoma Street, Wawa.

Purple Ribbon Month serves to raise public awareness about the effects of child abuse and neglect in our community.  We ask that when you see a Purple Ribbon box this October, do not hesitate to make a donation and wear your ribbon proudly.


Mary Jean Chartrand, North Algoma Supervisor


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