Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation – Fall Update

Jennifer Knill, RN shows the telemetry unit at Lady Dunn Health Centre. A newly installed cardiac monitoring system that displays a patient’s heart rate and rhythm then relays vital information remotely to the medical staff.

Through generous gifts and the efforts of our supporters and volunteers, the Lady Dunn Health Centre (LDHC) Foundation was able to provide $66,721.00 last fiscal for a Telemetry Unit at Lady Dunn Health Centre. The equipment will benefit patients admitted with heart attacks, angina, arrhythmias and other cardiac-related conditions.

Since 2009 the LDHC Foundation has disbursed more than $250,000 to help the hospital purchase the following medical equipment; Telemetry Unit ($66, 721.00) equipped with two wireless monitoring devices; Hematology Analyzer ($60,000) specialized laboratory equipment; Blood Pressure Monitor ($6,000) to compliment the Cardiac Rehabilitation Service; Bathing System consisting of Tub ($27,000) and Chair ($12,000) housed at the Long Term Care Unit; Emergency room purchases include a Cardiac Defibrillator ($23,000), a Transport Ventilator ($21,630) and a Glidescope ($21,700) to treat both adult and pediatric patients; Vascular Probe ($10,170) to compliment the portable ultrasound; and a replacement Medication Cart ($4,700) for Long Term Care. With your generous support the new equipment is available to the medical staff to take care of your family and friends right here at home.

The priority for this year’s fundraising is to equip LDHC with a Digitizer Radiography valued at $154,000. The upgrade will replace the aging radiography system allowing the hospital to continue to provide excellent care in radiography with advanced technology.

Going forward and to build on the last 7 years of success the LDHC Foundation will soon reintroduce a new look with updated donor boards and a fresh new logo.  As a result of this planning, the LDHC Foundation has postponed the annual Donor Recognition “Come and Go Social” until further notice.

For more information about making a donation or the upcoming donor recognition social please contact Jenny Fletcher at or 705-856-2335.

Thank you for supporting the LDHC Foundation.

Generous Hearts ~ the key to a healthy future


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