The Time to Care about Residents in Long-Term Care is Now


MPP France Gélinas (Nickel Belt) announced today that she will be re-introducing her Private Member’s Bill, A Time to Care, at Queen’s Park today.  Gélinas was joined by Candace Rennick, Secretary-Treasurer of CUPE Ontario and a former long-term care worker, and Tom Carrothers, Chair of the Advisory Committee of Family Councils. Both organizations are strongly supportive of this initiative.

“Residents in Ontario’s long-term care homes need more hands-on nursing care and personal support services, and my bill will ensure they get it,” said MPP Gélinas, Ontario NDP Health and Long-Term Care Critic.

“There are 78,000 residents in long-term care homes in Ontario, and the quality of their care is a priority for their families, long-term care staff, and the NDP. It should be a priority for this Liberal government, too,” said Gélinas. “Personal support workers, nurses, and long-term care staff members do their very best every day to provide good care, but they simply cannot do it all alone. This Liberal government needs to step up and support a minimum of four hours of daily care for all residents,” she said.

Families and frontline workers in long-term care homes have been advocating for years to restore minimum hours of care and ensure long-term care residents have the supports they need to live in comfort and dignity. The most recent report on long-term care from Ontario’s Chief Coroner also recommends that the government address the urgent need to increase the availability of staff for bedside care.

“It is common knowledge that many residents entering long-term care homes today are frailer and have more complex needs than ever before, but this Liberal government has not kept up with their growing needs,” said Gélinas. “In Ontario, we can do so much better. With this bill, we can make sure that long-term care staff have the support they need – and every long-term care resident gets the care they deserve.”

A petition, urging the Liberal government to fund at least four hours of hands on nursing and personal support care per resident per day, will also be re-issued by MPP Gélinas today.


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