LDHC Trials Additional Foot Care Services over Next Quarter


The Lady Dunn Health Centre’s Foot Care Program will be providing additional foot care services in Wawa. During the North Algoma Health Needs Assessment, this need was identified.

It is a well-known fact that people with diabetes are less likely to feel a foot injury, which can lead to serious complications. So, one without diabetes might ask, “Why would I need foot care services?”.

MyWawa called Rene Mellish, North Algoma Diabetes Education Program Coordinator and asked that very question. The answer was interesting. Rene explained that some people may experience difficulties with being able to care for their feet. Perhaps they have trouble bending over to reach the feet. Maybe they can reach the feet and toes, but fingers are not able to hold on to instruments to file or trim nails. Others may have ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, and/or thick nails that are impossible to cut safely. All of these problems can be looked after by a foot care nurse, and if these problems warrant additional care by a physician – the foot care nurse will make that referral.

This is a trial program. Depending on how well this service is used over the next three months, it will be determined if it will continue in the New Year. A fee of 45$ will be charged per ½ hour appointment. Persons living with diabetes will continue to receive free foot care at the North Algoma Diabetes Education Program.
To schedule your foot care appointment, please call 705-856-2335 extension 0.




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