Our Quantum Leaps


The Cambridge dictionary defines ‘quantum’ as ‘the smallest amount or unit of something, especially energy.’

Clearly one of the tightest deadlines to date, I am writing this article only minutes before submitting to my weekly column. Last night, I came in the door, after a twelve hour day of working and instead of sitting down to write, I snuggled up with a comforter and Halloween candy and watched a recorded movie.

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet; however, for some reason my husband bought three boxes of those mini chocolate bar snacks, even though we haven’t had even one trick or treater in the five years we have lived in this country house. I concluded, then, that the candies were for us.

Last night, I wasn’t sure what to write about. After dozens of articles, I often wonder if I will even run out things to say. I was thinking that I might even skip a week, all together, and maybe no one would notice. Like a rebel, I went to bed without writing, set an alarm and decided that if I woke up with an idea, I would write before heading to work.

For some reason, I woke up thinking about ‘Quantum Leap’. I used to watch that show years ago. If you are not familiar with the television series, from back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, following a science experiment, a man ended up in the body of new person, in different eras of time, each episode.

I believe that I thought of this because of the movie I watched, where a group of adults attended their high school reunion. Although I must say that the first three quarters of the movie was a waste of several precious minutes of my life, it ended on a high note.

I watched as many of these reunion attendees were attempting to relive their days of glory, apologize for their past high school behaviour, or attempt to finish off where they left in high school. I was hoping there was a point to it because I was looking for inspiration about what to write about.

When I woke up this morning, it was clear to me how each and every choice we make could have lead us to a different place in our life. We could have been in different relationships, living in a different city, doing a different job, experiencing a different reality.

Our lives to date have been shaped by numerous individual choices that have created where we are right now, as we sit in whatever chair or surface we are sitting on, at this very moment. I look around and I am sitting in a peaceful, cozy, tiny home in the country, surrounded by beautiful fall leaves, scattered across the deck.

I see positive quotes and phrases on the wall reminding us of the things we have to be grateful for. I look at my bag, almost untouched from deciding to work long after I needed to, yesterday, in order to get caught up on a number of pending items on my list. I also see some of the wrappers from the Halloween candy that I choose to indulge in.

What is very exciting; however, is that all of these things have been based on my choices and the decisions that I have made. I am the one responsible for choosing how I live my days. At a moment’s notice, I can make a new choice and end up living in a new place, or doing something different with my time, or eating something differently.

When we are conscious of the fact that we are creating our reality, it gives our power back and allows us to realize that if there is anything we don’t like about our current circumstances, we are in the position to change it up.

Even if the circumstances themselves are not changeable, we can change our perspective and the way we are looking at the situation, in order to feel better. Life is clearly full of complications, unfairness, illness, tragedy, confusion and complication; however, we can consciously choose to experience a new reality, at any moment we decide.

We may not be able to magically leap into someone else’s body, life, city or moment in time; however, we can work to shape and create the life that we desire, by shifting our small, daily choices, one at a time.

We hold that key. The key is being aware of what we are focusing on, what we believe about what we are focusing on, and then doing something about it.

And that’s what’s on my mind this morning. Have yourself a blessed day and I hope your week ahead is filled with conscious quantum mini leaps to your new, improved reality.

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