Wawa Goose Senior’s Club – Fall & Turkey Pies


Wawa Goose Senior's ClubFall, with a memory of summer and a definite hint of the snowy season to come, is definitely here. Several chilly mornings with icy white coatings on the roofs across the street are a definite omen. There is also the marketing of all the Hallowe’en trappings, mention of “Santa School”, and the recognition of the impending “fall back” of the coming time change on the first-week end of November.

And the Drop In is gearing up with the orders for Turkey pies.

The usual help is needed: turkey wrestlers, magical mixers, cutters/dicers/slicers, crimpers/painters/baggers, and holy rollers. And maybe a chef or two!

We produce the large and small pies over three days: day one sees the birds partially deboned so that several can be roasted in one pan at the same time. Eight turkeys get cooked in four ovens in one day and the bones removed get turned into broth used to make the filling on day two.

That filling requires the veggies to be prepared and diced and the cooled meat sliced and diced ready for the magical mixing, cooking and cooling. Pastry chef #1 might just like an assistant or two to get those 15 to 20 pounds of lard mixed up for rolling on day three.

Then it all comes together with many hands making light work of a big assembly line job which turns the pastry and filling into pies which are suitably crimped, egg washed and bagged. And then the freezers get filled to over flowing!

We are going to have two sessions: October 24, 25, 26 and October 31, November 1, 2. Your good humor, energy, experience, and knowledge would be greatly appreciated starting at about 9:00 a.m. at the Drop In. Please note: we do on the job training!

In between somewhere the regular afternoon events happen except on Wednesday/Day Three. And on-going events get planned: The usual Blood Pressure clinic will happen on Friday, November 4 from 1:00 to 3:00 with a special addition of a visit from the Diabetes Educator. Norma Kauk and Renee Mellish will give us the benefit of their knowledge and experience in one on one consultations. Anyone is welcome.

A new program is also getting under way with the organization of the Seniors at Risk Committee. Tea & Talk events will deal with a variety of topics of interest to seniors; they will happen on the third Wednesday of the month mid-afternoon with dessert as an added element. The first is a go for November 16. Keep an eye out for more information and a little hint: topic one is dating!!??


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