NDP demands Premier take action to protect seniors in Ontario nursing homes


During Question Period today, NDP Health and Long-Term Care critic, France Gélinas, demanded that Premier Wynne take action to stop tragedies and systemic problems in Ontario’s long-term care homes, as an Ontario family takes private, for-profit nursing homes to court after the death of their father, Arthur Jones.

“In Ontario, we should be able to provide quality care to seniors living in long-term care homes.  But that’s not happening today,” Gélinas said.

“Arthur Jones moved to a private, for-profit long-term care home. Soon after he suffered from malnutrition and dehydration, he fell repeatedly, and he developed a huge bedsore. Mr. Jones spent his final week, in excruciating pain, in hospital.”

“How can this happen to any long-term care resident under this government’s watch?” Gélinas asked.

Gélinas called for big changes in long-term care because Arthur Jones is not alone. His family is part of a lawsuit with, so far, 82 separate allegations against a private, for-profit long-term care chain.

“This Liberal government has had plenty of opportunity to act. Families have demanded change for years. The Coroner, after investigating numerous homicides, has called for more staff to provide bedside care. And frontline workers know that residents need a guaranteed minimum standard of care,” Gélinas said.

“What will it take for this government to finally step up and prevent anyone else from suffering the indignity and pain that Arthur Jones suffered in a private, for-profit long-term care home?”


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