Firefighters come to visit the JK/SK and Grade 1 Class

Sir James Dunn students seeing how the Fire Truck works.

It certainly was an exciting afternoon for the Kindergarten/Grade 1 class at Sir James Dunn! We had a visit from a couple of members of the Wawa Volunteer Fire Department!  Mr. Gauthier and Mr. Casavant came to show us lots of neat equipment and of course the FIRE TRUCK!

First we talked a bit about the job of a firefighter and saw all of the heavy and very hot equipment that they have to wear to keep safe in a fire. We even got to look at some really neat equipment like a carbon monoxide detector, infrared camera and something that checks the oxygen level in rooms.

Next we went outside to see the truck. The truck had lots of gauges, buttons, a ladder, hose and not to mention we learned that it holds a lot of water!

We asked lots of questions and the firefighters gave us some neat information.  The visit ended with the siren and some awesome activity bags. One of the favorite items in the bag was a badge making us part of the crew!

Thank you to Mr. Gauthier and Mr. Casavant for taking the time to come and teach us about your jobs.


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