Make it a safe Halloween


Members of the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) would like to remind children, parents and motorists to be vigilant this Halloween Monday.

Trick-or-treat in familiar neighbourhoods that are well lit. Never go inside a stranger’s house. Use sidewalks where available, otherwise walk facing traffic. Remember to cross streets at the corner only.

Use the buddy system and have a pre-set meeting location if you become strayed from your group. Ensure an adult knows where you are at all times and carry a cell phone in case of an emergency.

Make or buy costumes with light-coloured material and place strips of reflective tape on the costumes so that motorists can better see your child. Use non-toxic make-up instead of mask as masks make it hard for children to see what’s around them.

Never eat any candy until it is inspected by an adult. Do not eat homemade treats unless they come from someone you know and trust. Do not eat any candy that appears to have been rewrapped or tampered with.

Homeowners; turn on outdoor lights to illuminate your yard, remove items that may be tripping hazards, use an alternative to candles in your pumpkins and remember some children have food allergies.

The OPP would like to remind motorist that with the increase in pedestrian traffic on Halloween, please drive with extra care, patience and alertness. This is an exciting time for children and families and lets all do our part to make this a safe Halloween.

The Detachment Commander of the East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police, Inspector Yves Forget states “East Algoma OPP members will be out on area streets to ensure that Halloween is fun and safe for everyone.”
The OPP wishes everyone a Safe and Fun Halloween!


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