Missing – Scout and Lexi ‘Still Missing’ – UPDATE


UPDATE – Saturday, October 29 3:43 p.m. – Lexi was found 2 kilometres from Kamp Kinniwabi. The search is still continuing for Scout.

UPDATE – Sunday, October 23rd 7:33 a.m. – Scout and Lexi are still missing.

EARLIER Oct 22, 2016 @ 18:56 – Scout and Lexi have gone missing!

Scout, a 5-year-old Holden Retriever (male) and Lexi (female) black lab cross both have gone missing from their new home at Kamp Kinniwabi (Friday morning, October 21st, 2016). Kamp Kinniwabi is located on the west side of Highway 101 about 25 miles east of Wawa. They do have collars on with tags for Southern Ontario as their family has just recently moved here full time.

MyWawa has been assured that they are very friendly.

If you travel the highway and see them, please call 519-323-8595.



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