Dan, Dan the Pumpkin Man – What has he carved?


dsc05244The skeleton stands sentinel, changing his pose every day for the last week. During that week, his fellow guards have joined him, forming an eerie, glowing web of skulls and bones on Dan’s house.

They are waiting…


This afternoon, they were amazed by the eagerly awaited placement of Dan’s artistry. Neighbours can hear the clacking of teeth as they chatter to each other about this year’s feature, the three huge pumpkins. They are all grinning with glee though – Dan has covered the pumpkins…

Dan has chided them, telling them to keep the secret! He explains, they will be unveiled at dusk tonight, and children visiting to see the pumpkins will be treated to a small pumpkin of their own! Trick or treaters are invited to come and see what the skeletons have been keeping secret. Dan’s house is located on Caverhill, between Toronto Avenue and the lake.

Just look for the glowing skeletons!


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