Random Act of Kindness Day


Today is the 9th annual Random Act of Kindness Day!

Organizers say, “The message is simple; do something nice for someone and ask nothing in return other than they do something nice for someone else. Part of the beauty of the initiative is that it doesn’t have to cost a cent. Holding a door open, words of thanks and encouragement, telling someone they’ve done a good job – these are the kinds of acts that citizens ‘pay forward’ on this special day.”

Some ideas:

1. Send a letter, a card, or make a telephone call to a long lost friend or relative and renew that relationship.
2. Invite someone to dinner who is alone or on their own.
3. Visit a shut-in, elderly friend, or someone who is sick.
4. Offer a ride to someone to appointment, shopping etc.
5. Send a thank you/congratulatory note to a coworker/classmate, appreciating their efforts and the difference they make.
6. Assist a co-worker or classmate with a project.
7. Dedicate a song to a special someone on the radio.
8. Prepare a favourite meal/snack for family or friend.
9. Share your professional expertise with someone in need of that help.
10. Offer your services of childcare to allow a new mother some personal time.
11. Take the garbage out for your neighbour.
12. Let someone into line with fewer items than you at the store.
13. Help rake your neighbour’s leaves.
14. Assist with household activities.
15. Smile, talk, or “hang out” with a co-worker/classmate with whom you may not usually do so.
16. Wash and vacuum someone’s car.
17. Store furniture for someone.
18. Help someone move.
19. Loan your bicycle/car/tools to someone.
20. Share your discount coupons.
21. Let your staff go home a few minutes early.
22. Write a poem/song/paint a picture for someone.
23. Teach someone a new skill.
24. Call or email a long lost friend or relative and get reconnected.
25. Open and hold a door for someone.



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