Crime Prevention Week – November 6 – 12


The week of November 6-12, 2016 is Crime Prevention Week in Ontario. This year the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will highlight the importance of creating and strengthening partnerships to work toward safer and healthier communities.

This year’s theme for Crime Prevention Week is: “Planning Together for Safer Communities.” The theme encourages combined efforts of police, government and communities to work together to address concerns, create strategies and decrease crime in Ontario.

Many OPP detachments from across the province have been planning together with community partners to achieve safer and healthier communities through the use of a collaborative risk intervention model called the situation table. At this time there are over 60 tables in the province. The OPP is currently involved in 31 tables and is in the planning stages of seven more.

The situation table brings community agencies with social service expertise together with emergency service providers, including the police. Their common goal is to resolve individual situations of elevated risk to prevent them from escalating. Planning and collaborating as a team makes it possible to support people in need of immediate intervention. The situation table also helps community agencies build working relationships in new and meaningful ways.

The OPP would also like to remind the public of some of the community safety programs that assist to keep Ontario communities safe including: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), SafeGuard Ontario, the OPP KIDS Program, and Lock It or Lose It, just to name a few. Many OPP detachments across the province offer different programs that are tailor-made for local communities.

The OPP will utilize social media to showcase the importance of community partnerships and collaborative approaches using both the OPP Twitter and OPP Facebook accounts.

“Crime Prevention Week 2016 is about planning and working together to improve community safety and well-being. The OPP continues to encourage everyone to create and strengthen partnerships to work toward safer and healthier communities.” – Inspector R.D. MacEachern, Ontario Provincial Police

For information on Crime Prevention Week activities in your community, contact your local OPP detachment.


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