img_5589The Legion Poppy Tea was simply delicious! There was tea in beautiful china cups, and dessert…

A Mississippi Mud Cake with raspberries, a pistachio dream dessert, a low sugar apple cake, even a cheese plate for those who were sweet enough! There were a couple more, but I don’t remember their names – they all looked delicious and it was a difficult choice.



There was more than just tea and dessert, there were draw prizes, and a bake table, laden with the most delicious butter tarts! Donna Lyle of the Legion Ladies Auxilliary said, “Thanks to everybody who came out to support this event.”

This cake was won by Claire Bussineau!

Winners of the draws were:

#1 – Cake – Noella Depew
#2 – Tea set – Lisa Roberts
#3 – Candle Holder, cheese & cracker tray – Michelle Mattaini
#4 – Glass canisters (donated by The Bargain Shop) – Aline Haman
#5 – Light up bottles (donated by Fenlon’s Pharmacy) – Jennie Weatherbee
#6 – Avon Basket – Carol Peters


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