From the Branch – November 16


Yes, we did have a good Remembrance Day and we have to thank all those Comrades and supporters who helped to make this day a success. Our always on the spot, President Larry Harvey, and all the executive. But also our Legion Ladies Auxiliary for their help especially for the arrangement of the food at the hall after the wreath laying ceremony at MHS. We thank our Piper, Mrs. Anne Owen, and our Chipka and also our own Barb Leschishin for her inspirational address.

And we also thank all Wawa citizens who wore a Poppy and supported our cause with their purchase of wreaths and donations.

Our friend and supporter Cindy donated a nice display which will be on display in the lounge for ALL to see.

Our busy ladies are having another dinner on Thursday and a Monthly luncheon on November 24th. So come on down.

A student come late to school to take his exam.  The teacher says to him..” OKAY, You may begin but when time is up you turn it into me ready or NOT!  So when the time was up all the students turned in their paper except the late one he worked for another 20 minutes and then got up  with his paper to give ir to the teacher. So the teacher says “You are too late and cannot turn in your paper.”

So the student asks ” Sir, do you know who I am? And the teacher says “No and I don’t care!”

“Fine” says the boy and shoves his paper between all the papers on the desk.

To all our comrades sick at home, in the hospital or nursing homes, you are in our thoughts and prayers and we wish you well.


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