Found on Facebook – Don’t use moose urine


For the past couple of days, a post about a Michigan hunter hunting in the Dog Lake/Missinabie area has been circulating on facebook. The story was picked up by World News Daily Report and has been shared everywhere. Many locals have been concerned.

“A man from Michigan is in a critical condition after suffering a savage attack from a large moose, while hunting in Canada.

Jeremy Larsen was hunting with his brother and his nephew near Dog Lake, in Ontario, when he accidentally spilled an entire jar of moose urine on himself. He decided to leave the group and head back to their cabin, three miles away, to change his clothes.

He had about a mile left to walk when he was attacked by a male moose, weight around 1200 lbs. Mr Larsen tried to use his weapon to defend himself, but he was rapidly knocked out after receiving many kicks from the moose’s front hooves.

While the poor man was lying on his knees, defenseless, the powerful animal began rubbing his massive genitals all over him, mimicking sexual intercourse.”

What an incredible story, but it doesn’t quite ring right. For the first thing; it is illegal to use moose urine for hunting in Ontario. “Natural attractants containing body fluids (urine, blood, etc.) of any cervid (moose, deer, elk) may no longer be possessed or used for the purposes of hunting in Ontario. This regulation is designed to help prevent chronic wasting disease from entering the province. More information is available at” – Ontario Newsroom

The article from World News Daily Report states that the OMNRF issued a press release regarding the use of moose urine, I believe though they would be pursuing these hunters for illegal use of moose urine instead.

So there are some questions about the story – how about the images? I went to Snopes to verify the article and found that they had reverse searched the images. We did here also.


screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-7-11-45-amAfter looking at the images; it is agreed that the hunter is a man from Michigan, but not John Larsen, the victim’s nephew as the article said. In reality, the hunter is a Mark Kenyon, founder of, a valuable source for deer hunters. He is a man from Michigan though, from Hillsdale (not far from Kalamazoo).


The image of a man on a stretcher also has a photo credit to when an image search in done.


Our conclusion echo’s Snopes – this story is false.

Be careful what you read and share on Facebook. Sometimes the information is very valuable, but at times it is nothing better than gossip.




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