Confederation College Hosts Indigenous Awareness Month

Confederation College is hosting Indigenous Awareness Month this November and welcomed the community to participate in a Pow Wow Celebration Friday featuring traditional drumming circles and dancers.

In celebration of its First Nations, Métis and Inuit students and employees, Confederation College is hosting Indigenous Awareness Month this November. Meant to raise awareness about and engage the College community in Indigenous cultures and history, the month launched with the “Path to Reconciliation,” an installation which asks the college community to contribute their thoughts around what reconciliation means to them.

“We are proud to be a leader in Indigenous education and are always looking for ways we can improve and do more for our Indigenous students; a priority that has been built into our strategic plan,” said Jim Madder, President of Confederation College. “Indigenous Awareness Month is an important way in which we can help build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students and employees. Through the various events and professional development opportunities, our college community will be able to learn about Indigenous history and cultures to increase understanding and support efforts towards reconciliation.”

Bryanna Scott, Manager of Student Life and Indigenous Initiatives added “Though we actively and regularly work to support and advance Indigenous education within our College and broader community, the events this month bring additional attention to those efforts and show our students and employees how they can play a role in creating an inclusive learning environment.  Ultimately, the goal is to help members of our college community connect on a deeper level with each other and our collective heritage.”

The month includes a variety of activities designed to further educate students, employees, and visitors, spark much-needed conversation, and offer opportunities to participate in cultural events. Highlights to date have included: the launch of the “Path to Reconciliation,” traditional men’s and women’s teachings, a viewing of the Trick or Treaty documentary, professional development sessions, beading with Walking With Our Sisters, Louis Riel Day celebrations, and the Pow Wow and Aboriginal Cultural Celebration which took place today. Regional campuses have also been hosting their own events in support of this college-wide initiative.

Indigenous Awareness Month activities continue through to the end of November, with additional professional development sessions, drum making, and special guest speaker Drew Hayden Taylor still scheduled. Drew Hayden Taylor will be addressing the important topic of The Art of Reconciliation as the close to this month’s events.


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