SJD Newsflash – Mothers vs. Daughters?


sjd-img_1841On Tuesday, November 29th it was a Mothers vs. Daughters volleyball exhibition showdown. Bragging rights were on the line when Ms. Portis secretly coordinated an after school game between the SJD Cougars and some of their mothers.

The girls were a bit shocked at first. Their moms don’t play volleyball! Can they even serve over the net? Well, the moms (and one sister) didn’t take it easy on the girls. Many laughs were had between both teams. The games were extremely fun and the skill level improved after each game. The moms even proved that they still know how to play volleyball.

A token trophy now sits in the trophy case at Sir James Dunn which was signed by all participating players and helpers. A big thanks goes out to Ms. Russell for reffing the games and to Joe for being the scorekeeper. Volley on!

Sir James Dunn is the place to be!


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