CAA announces support of Hope Air


CAA Insurance Company announced a two-year, $200,000 contribution to Hope Air today at a town hall of Associates and Hope Air representatives in Thornhill.

Hope Air is the unique national charity that arranges free flights for Canadians who must travel to healthcare and are in financial need. The support from CAA Insurance Company will allow Hope Air to get more people to their appointments and back home to their families safely and quickly.

“We are incredibly pleased to be able to support Hope Air in their work because Hope Air’s mission aligns directly with CAA’s, which is centred on mobility and keeping families safe. As a Volunteer Pilot for Hope Air during my spare time, I have seen first-hand the impact Hope Air has made to the many families who rely on their services,” said Jay Woo, President & CEO. “All of us at CAA strive to provide peace-of-mind to our Members and ensure their safety whether on the road or in the air. Our contribution will help provide much-needed peace-of-mind for the many Canadians who are in financial distress and must use Hope Air to arrange their travel to healthcare,” he added.

The town hall was also attended by Hope Air Client Stephanie, a 14-year-old who flies to treatment for chronic pain. She spoke about the impact that Hope Air’s free flights to medical care have had on her health. “Hope Air made it possible for me to travel to the treatment that has made living with severe chronic pain a little bit easier. My mom says I am a hero, but Hope Air is part of my extended family of heroes. Thank you for all that you do to help people like me every day.”

Hope Air Executive Director, Doug Keller-Hobson, praised CAA’s commitment to Hope Air’s Mission. “Jay has been a great friend of Hope Air for a while now – he first took a personal interest as a Volunteer Pilot and we are thrilled he has brought his enthusiasm for Hope Air to CAA. At Hope Air, we know the stress that travel can have on our Clients – some face journeys that would take more than 12 hours by car and even longer in the winter. CAA is a natural fit with Hope Air, as they dedicate themselves every day to helping people get home safely. Their support demonstrates their commitment to the good health of families in their community.”

Hope Air has arranged more than 110,000 flights since its inception in 1986. CAA will provide support to Hope Air Clients living in towns far from the urban centres where specialized medical technologies tend to be located, giving them peace-of-mind that the care they need is within reach.

About CAA Insurance Company: Since 1974, CAA Insurance Company has been protecting Canadians at their homes, on the road, and while traveling. It is a company well-known for its dedication to keeping people safe and protected. CAA Insurance Company operates nationally and is a subsidiary company of the CAA Club Group with over 2.3 million Members, and for over a hundred years, they have been helping Canadians stay mobile, safe, and protected. To learn more, visit

About Hope Air: Hope Air is the unique national charity that arranges free flights for Canadians in financial need who must travel long distances to access healthcare. Since its founding in 1986, Hope Air has arranged over 110,000 flights for people in need across Canada. To learn more, visit


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