Council Meeting Tonight – December 13


Municipal Council will be holding a council meeting tonight in council chambers at 6 p.m. this evening, December 13, 2016. This is the last regular council meeting of the year.

Tonight’s meeting will feature an Ontario Trillium Foundation Project update from Ms. Emily Cormier.

In the Consent Agenda, council will receive:

  • minutes of the Regular Council Meeting, Tuesday, November 1, 2016; and the Special Council Meeting, Tuesday, November 29, 2016
  • Receive Wawa Energy Plan Implementation Committee Minutes of Wednesday, October 5, 2016 and Wednesday, November 9, 2016 (resolution)
  • Receive Heritage Committee Minutes – Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • Approve Waiver of Rental Fees – Kitchen and Lounge for Staff Appreciation Dinner, December 9, 2016 (resolution)
  • Municipality of Charlton and Dack Request for Support – 25 Signatures (resolution)
  • Request for Waiver of Fees for MMCC Kitchen and Arena Ice – Push for Change, Hockey for the Homeless Initiative (resolution)
  • Viking Restaurant – Water & Sewer Rebate (resolution)
  • Approve Donation – JJAM FM’s 5 Days of Christmas (resolution)
  • Municipal Support – OEB Decision (EB-2016-0004), Natural Gas Expansion (resolution)
  • Request for Support – Dickson Bear Hunt, Provincial Bear Hunt Regulations (resolution)
  • Rescheduling of January Regular Council and Corporate Planning Meetings (resolution)

Council has a number of staff reports to receive:

AP 2016-10 October Monthly Report

CS 2016-01 Monthly Report for Nov 2016

JM 2016-07 ITI October Monthly Report; and

Mayor Ron Rody’s Report – RR 2016-09 Mayor’s Report Nov & Dec 2016.

Council will also receive the amended Staff Report 2016-11: Wawa Goose Monument – AP 2016-11 Wawa Goose Monument amended

A Closed Meeting report by Mayor Ron Rody will also be received by council.


In new business Council has the following items:

11.1 – Approve Accounts – November 2016 (resolution)

11.2 – AMO Request for Support – Federal Infrastructure Phase 2 Incrementality (resolution)

11.3 – [Addenda] Authorize Purchase and Installation of Solar Panels – Municipal Garage, 42 Montreal Street (resolution)

Council will be reading the following by-laws:
By-Law No. 2994-16 – to confirm the proceedings of Council at its meeting held on the 29th day of November, 2016 and the13th day of December, 2016.

By-Law No. 2995-16 – to enter into agreement with 1422078 Ontario Limited (Harriman & Associates, and Arc Management Services) for the Housing Needs Study for Wawa and White River.

By-Law No. 2996-16 – to provide for an Interim Tax Levy and the Payment of Interim Taxes for the Year 2017.
BL 2996-16 Interim Tax Levy for 2017

By-Law No. 2997-16 – to authorize borrowing from time to time to meet current expenditures of The Corporation of the Municipality of Wawa during the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017.

By-Law No. 2998-16 – to authorize the sale of Municipal Land located at 1532 Highway 17 in the Municipality of Wawa to The Wilson Project Inc.

By-Law No. 2999-16 – to adopt various Tax Extension Agreements for the year 2016.

Council does have some issues to discuss in camera:
Legal Issue (1 Item): Request to Purchase Property, Long Beach – a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) (c))

Legal Issue (1 Item): Code of Conduct Complaint 2016-01 – advice that is subject to solicitor-client, including communications necessary for that purpose(Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (2) (f))

Legal Issue (1 Item): FOI Request – a request under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, if the council, board, commission or other body is the head of an institution for the purposes of that Act (Municipal Act, c.25, s.239 (3) (a))



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