Winter tire Discount Supports Safe Travel and Lower Costs for Motorists


With winter officially set to begin today, December 20, Ontario is reminding vehicle owners that auto insurance companies are now mandated to offer discounts for using winter tires. On average, drivers with winter tires can have their auto insurance rates reduced by between two and five per cent.

Winter tires enhance safety and lessen the likelihood of collisions by improving braking and handling in snowy, slushy and icy conditions.

When considering winter tires, you should:

  • Look for models that carry a logo of a snowflake on a peaked mountain
  • Install them in sets of four
  • Check their air pressure and condition at least once a month
  • Get new tires if they are worn close to the tread-wear indicators
  • The winter tire discount is one of many ways the province is reducing insurance costs for Ontario’s almost ten million drivers.
  • Other reforms include prohibiting auto insurance premium increases for minor at-fault accidents and lowering the maximum interest rate that can be charged on monthly auto insurance premium payments to 1.3 per cent from 3 per cent.

Reforming the Ontario auto insurance system is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Ontario’s roads are among the safest in North America. Winter fatal collisions across the province decreased by 52 per cent from 2002 to 2013.

Ontario will soon publish the interim recommendations by former Workplace Safety and Insurance Board President and CEO David Marshall who is identifying opportunities to improve health outcomes, lower costs and achieve more affordable auto insurance premiums.

“These reforms have lowered rates for Ontario’s almost ten million drivers. Through our Auto Insurance Cost and Rate Reduction Strategy we have also brought in new measures to combat auto insurance fraud and help pass on more savings to consumers. Thus far, rates have declined by more than 8 percent on average since August 2013.” — Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance

“Winter tires don’t just make you more safe, they protect those around you, including passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. The winter tire discount doesn’t just lower your auto insurance rate by up to five per cent—it makes everyone on the road safer.” — Yvan Baker, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Finance


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