Citizen’s Group to Assist Muncipality in Controlling Coyote & Wolf Populations


At last night’s Council Meeting a resolution was passed to allow a citizen’s group to hunt coyotes and wolves within the town. The group’s liaison is Charlie Todesco, retired Conservation Officer, and organizer of the past 25 Annual Blackfly Invitational Shoot.

Liason Charlie Todesco detailing how the group will work in a safe manner to control the population of nusciance coyotes and wolves.

The predator control group must

  • only hunt coyotes and wolves
  • follow provincial and federal hunting legislation,
  • not use any baits or attractants,
  • hunt between 1/2 hour before sunrise and 9:30 a.m., until March 31st, 2017.
  • signs will be posted in the area to advise of hunting

The permission granted to the group may be cancelled at any time with 48 hours notice.

Council has taken these steps in order to protect the people of Wawa and their pets. Over the past two months, one dog has been killed by coyotes, and several have gone missing.


  1. Yay it’s about time! These animals have taken more then just one dog! Probably more then 30 cats have been coyote food in the last 2+ years as well as several dogs. I watch these animals nightly from my living room window on Government Rd. Just glad something is finally getting done.


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