Tractor Trailer Fire closes highway


At about 9:45 p.m. the Wawa Fire Department was called to the scene of a tractor trailer on fire about 10kms south of the junction of Highway 17 and Highway 519 to Dubreuilville. A car carrier loaded with vehicles had caught fire. The driver was able to separate the tractor from the trailer, and pull away from the blaze. He was uninjured in the incident.

The highway was closed by the fire and with emergency vehicles. Firefighters were very busy, attacking the blaze from both sides. The tanker provided water at the scene, and was observed pulling water from the hydrant at the Wawa Municipal Airport to resupply the portable resevoir at the scene.

At 11:00 p.m. the highway (17) was closed at the junction of Hwy 17 and Hwy 101 at the Wawa Goose Monument. The OPP press release of 10:29 offered no information other than the highway being closed, that there is no detour, and the length of closure is unknown.

Firefighters remain at the scene fighting the blaze.

The highway was opened by OPP at 12:50 am.


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