We are so happy with the snow removal guys!


I have never seen so many happy comments about the men who do the snow removal. Usually you hear complaints about how the plow has uncanny timing – stuffing your driveway full of snow, just after you cleared it out. Or how they haven’t salted or sanded the roads…

Last night though, a different tale was being told. One of gratitude, and pleasure. The unseasonably warm weather has melted snowbanks and created ponds of slush and water at the end of many driveways. The decision was made to continue scraping down to the road surface, but because that soggy, wet snow weighs a ton… the decision was made to use a front end loader to clear the windrow out of the driveway and pile it up on the side.

I watched them at work last night, quite a slick operation. One or two back blading passes to drag the snow out, and then one or two scoops and it is on top of the snowbank. Not only clearing the driveway, but opening it so there is better visibility.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one blessing them for their hard work throughout the day yesterday and last night to make things a little bit better in the wet, soggy, dreary weather.

Thank you!



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