Why the MFN Band Offices were Closed Monday


On Monday, January 23rd, Robert Stone of Michipicoten First Nation chained the band office doors closed preventing any entry. In discussion with Brenda Grundt of MyWawa, Robert explained that he was dissatisfied with the way he had been treated by Chief and Band Council. His cell phone service had been terminated for non-payment; and that he had concerns about the warranty on the outside wood furnace that had been purchased and delivered by the Band. As a result, he chained the doors closed in order to draw attention to the poor treatment he alleges he has received. Robert also made allegations of financial mismanagement at Michipicoten First Nation over the years.

On Thursday, Chief Joe Buckell spoke and explained that the cell phone service had been terminated. An agreement had been made, and when the bill wasn’t paid by the member, it was terminated. As for poor treatment, Chief Buckell stated that staff has provided services to support the member remaining on reserve in his residence; but also had documentation that showed the disrespect that had been received by staff in dealing with these matters. As for the financial mismanagement allegations, Chief Buckell explained that Michipicoten First Nation is audited by INAC annually.

On Tuesday, Michipicoten First Nation Band Offices were open.


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