Is it Truly the End of the World as we Know it?

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Trump has been President for seven days now, and already he is changing the world.

What bothers me the most about this whole election is how it seems to have given permission for anyone who follows Trump the idea that it’s okay to promote hatred and be insulting to anyone who is not a white male.

What I’ve been seeing on Facebook and other sites is shocking.
People who I know or thought I knew have been posting such hateful things I don’t know how I was ever friends with them in the first place

It’s almost as though supporting Trump gives them permission to spew their hate to whomever will listen.

I’ve seen posts calling Black people the “N” word, inserting the word after using horrible racist adjectives. They, following their leader, say all Mexicans are rapists, criminals and just plain evil. (I’m so glad to know that there are no white people who would rape anyone or commit other crimes .)Phew!

So you can understand how thrilling it was for me to wake up two mornings ago and see seven men standing around Trump as with the stroke of a pen, he signed away funding for NGOs and put the lives of thousands women in danger. And it’s all because they do not believe in a woman’s right to choose.

Unfortunately Planned Parenthood is going to have their funding taken away for the same reason. Yet it is only three percent, yes three percent of their dealings involve abortion. And that three percent is not funded by the government.

Never mind that PPH has saved many lives of women through their cancer screening, HIV testing and provided poor women with birth control.

Why do these men get to decide what is best for women? Will they pay for PAP tests, breast screening or health care for women who are pregnant? Of course not. They believe that no woman under any circumstances should b able to have an abortion. All they are doing is forcing women into back alley butcher shops.

It is not up to them to judge what a woman does or does not do with her own body. How can they believe it is? None of us has the right to judge, because we do not know nor do we need to know just what a woman is going through or what her reasons might be for having an abortion.

I would suggest that all of those people who so vehemently oppose abortion do something for the children who are already in dire straights. There are thousands of hungry , needy children in America . Think of how you could change those circumstances by giving money, food and support to those who are already living! Show your love of children to be more than fighting over an undeveloped fetus. You will make more of a difference in this world; much more than you will accomplish than holding signs and condemning women you know nothing about .

Trump has dismissed concerns over the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline, even though he says he is an environmentalist. The Native Americans who have been peacefully protesting for months and were so happy that President Obama halted the progress of that pipeline are now facing danger. Why? Because so far eight states are trying to pass bills which would give law enforcement the right to use any means, to disperse peaceful protesters. I hate to think about what is going to happen if this bill is passed.

The government does not care that they will disrupt sacred land, burial sites and possibly destroy their water if there are any accidents. That land belongs to the Natives and they have the treaties to prove it. But of course Trump won’t let that stop him. It’s ALL about the money.

On my most cynical of days I think that all these millionaire and billionaire oil men really don’t care about the future of our planet. because hey, by the time we have nothing to eat and breathe except oil and money, they and their families will be dead. So “let’s just get rich and enjoy the good life while we have it” seems to be their biggest concern.

I feel for the neediest of our society. Yes there are welfare scammers, but the majority need social assistance just to eat. and possibly find a place to lay their head at night. I found it difficult to watch where in some cities this winter, police were ordered to take the blankets of the homeless and give them $1,000 fines! Not everyone who is poor or homeless wants to be that way.

But compassion and kindness are being phased out and greed and hatred is taking over.
It’s now okay to be a racist. It’s okay to tell people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps while at the same time pushing them into the dirt. It’s okay to mock people with disabilities. It’s okay to make fun of gay people and to call them vile names. And it’s perfectly logical to waste 30 billion dollars on an unwanted wall while thousands go without food or shelter.

It’s okay to hate Muslims even though while most terrorists are Muslim, most Muslims are not terrorists and would like peace just like everyone else.
It’s okay to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people with bombs just to ensure an unending supply of oil. (As Trump has said. “you’ve got to kill their families”).

This is the way society is going. As long as the privileged are allowed to prosper anything goes.

Who cares if the poor die because they can’t afford to go to a doctor or a hospital? The rich will still have their healthcare and specialists to help them.

Why can’t we be kind to those worse off than ourselves? Why not , as some people do, offer a couple of dollars, a warm blanket or a meal to someone living on the streets?
Why not a friendly smile to foreigners instead of a scowl?

There are some good caring people out there, but not enough.
We need to reach out to others and try to find a way to find peace in a world that is slowly spiralling out of control.

If you believe Trump is the answer to the problems we face I feel sorry for you.
You’ve been caught up in the clutches of a madman whose only goal is to see the rich get richer, no matter what the cost to the downtrodden and poorest among us.
Money is fine, but it is not the answer and it doesn’t feed the soul.

You can call yourself a Christian but you ignore Jesus’ first rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto you and love one another.
If we could all listen and pay attention to those words, our world would be a much better place.

Be kind.



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