Kindergarten Registration Under Way at Algoma District School Board


Kindergarten registration for the 2017/2018 school year is underway at the Algoma District School Board.  While registrations are accepted throughout the year, two specific dates were set aside in January when parents could meet teachers and learn more about the kindergarten program.   Staff members were available to help parents fill out registration forms and to answer questions and the feedback from both parents and staff has been very positive.

Parents or guardians who were not able to attend the two specified dates are encouraged to contact their local public school.  Registrations are being accepted for children born in 2012 who can be registered for Senior Kindergarten (SK).  Children born in 2013 may be registered for Junior Kindergarten (JK).

Over the month of January, a media campaign was done throughout the district.  Some of the messaging helped to address the question of why we ask families to register early in the year for a child beginning school in September.  By registering early our schools are able to add families to the invitation list for our “Welcome To Kindergarten” celebration.   This is an event typically held in the spring before a child enters JK or SK.  Youngsters are invited to take their first bus ride, visit their classroom and take home goody bags full of school supplies, books and games. Registering early also means a teacher is able to personalize the classroom so that there will be a cubby and a special spot in class ready for each child.  When the Board knows the number of students in a classroom, there is a better sense of the number of primary teachers needed and where they will be needed.  All of these seemingly small things make for smoother transitions for young children in the fall.

Information about Kindergarten registration is available on the ADSB website at including a list of items one should bring to a school when registering a child for JK or SK.


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