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Second semester started this week and we welcomed back Mr. McGregor who was out for an extended medical leave. We are grateful to Mrs. Lachine who filled in for Mr. “McG” while he was recuperating – she did a great job in the English department.  I wonder if Mr. McGregor spent his time writing and we will be seeing a sequel to the Blue Knight on the shelves sometime soon!

Second semester also sees a large number of students out in the world of work, experiencing a variety of Co-operative job placements. The Co-op course allows senior students to explore careers while earning credits toward their high school diploma. It is an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of employer expectations, strengthen their employment skills while integrating theory with practical work experience. Through the co-op program, students can make more effective educational and career decisions as well as develop their self-confidence. It is wonderful that so many local businesses have opened their doors, allowing our students to be involved in the community.

The boys’ basketball team squares off against Chapleau to declare first and second place in the NSSSAA division before finals are played on the 16th of this month. NWOSSA finals are being held in either Marathon or Manitouwadge next week. Good luck to our Vikings.

Just a reminder that classes start at 8:55 and 12: 25 every day. We hope that during this semester there will be a decrease in the number of students who are late for class. The break between the morning and afternoon classes is only 5 minutes, which allows enough time for students to change binders and get to their next class.

We are looking forward to being part of the community’s presentation and activities surrounding the arrival of Joe Roberts and the Push for Change campaign to help raise awareness and end youth homelessness. The students will be heading over to the community centre to cheer on our favourite hockey players and find out more about our community services. More information will be forthcoming.


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