Get ready for a wee taste of Spring!

snow art
Photo courtesy of Sherry Longo

We have the sun now, we just need the warmth, and it looks like that will arrive starting Friday and lasting for a whole week!

Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma District, along with the whole province, will see temperatures rebound from the below freezing range to plus temperatures starting Friday and building to as high of 7c for Family day on Monday, give or take a degrees or two. Nonetheless, warmer temperatures will no doubt cut down the snow pack that currently stands at 58cm or more on the ground. December, January and February have been especially more “snowy” than the past few years, dumping well over 400cm since mid November, not quite a record for seasonal snowfall but it’s still a lot of snow.

As much as 10cm can melt in a span of four days with temperatures in the 5c range or higher with plenty of sun and that’s what’s in the forecast for the next several days, in fact it’s there for an extended period, though there is a little wrinkle in the forecast as well.

Since temperatures are expected to fall below freezing during the overnight period, forecast of rain showers could turn into wet snow showers come Tuesday and Wednesday but even then, wet snow can actually help reduce the snow pack due to its moisture content.

Environment Canada and other weather forecasters agree that the taste of Spring weather will extend right into next weekend before colder air moves back in. Long range forecast for March still calls for negative temperatures for most of the month up until the third week when warmer air returns and settles in right into the first few weeks of April with much above seasonal temps.

Sherry Longo who painted her Spring message on her driveway snowbank (as seen above) is no doubt looking forward to some Spring-like weather finally.


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