We regret to inform you, but there’s a big storm brewing for Friday


After a stretch of Spring-like weather it’s never easy to be thrust back into winter but there’s a possibility this weekend.

A big storm is brewing and as with most things timing is everything when it comes to how bad a storm this could end up being.

It’s a typical late winter early spring-type  storm and at the moment has all the ingredients for heavy snow, freezing rain and strong winds as a low pressure system tracks into the mid-west and central parts of the U.S. including the Great Lakes regions.  U.S. Forecasters are reporting “blizzard type” conditions as this storm hits colder air sinking from Canada, at the moment Environment Canada is calling for 10 to 15cm for Sault Ste. Marie area on Friday as a result of the U.S. born storm.

Until then, above freezing temperatures are expected to last through until Friday when temperatures begin to drop again below freezing. Rain showers are forecast for Tuesday with warmer temps of 7c, well above the normal of -3.6c for this time of year.

Rain however could lead to bigger problems if you still have a lot of snow on your roof. With the added moisture in the snow pack on the roof will add significant weight and along with pending freezing temperatures that snow will turn to ice.

The Sault Ste. Marie area saw record breaking warmth on Saturday when temperatures rose to 8.2c creating a fast melt of some 10 plus centimeters over the weekend. If this storm develops as it is forecast, expect the snow on the ground to stay around 40cm with the cold shot of air settling in for the end of February into early March.  No watches have been posted for this storm as of yet, but we will provide an update later this week.


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