Family dog still missing after vehicle roll-over


This past Wednesday, we reported a single vehicle accident on Highway 17 just north of Fenton/Treeby lakes. A pickup truck lost control due to icy conditions resulting in a roll-over. The driver Wally was ok, but two family dogs were ejected from the pickup truck. In the confusion, one of the dogs fled the scene.

At this time, Cyclone has yet to be located and Wally is very appreciative of the assistance people have been giving. Wall is still hopeful that Cyclone will be found.

Cyclone (or Cyc) is a male, border collie/lab mix, with a black body, brown legs and head. Wally said that Cyc was also wearing a green collar. Normally Cyc is very friendly and loving but may still be terrified from the incident.

If you are travelling in the area and Cyc comes to you, please call Wally. Wally and Cane are anxious to be reunited with Cyc and he may be reached at 613-920-0244.



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