What’s in a name? ask Silicon Valley advisor Lynn Nichols


Lynn Nichols will be running a workshop that will focus on business branding and naming, at what’s at stake in the name and how to think practically about the role of name IP in your brand marketing and messaging. We’ll consider how a name is an opportunity to shape the way people think about your industry, to inspire, and to do important marketing work for your company early on.

Lynn will discuss strategy to craft a great name and a strong brand behind it, including how to distill your brand down to its core essence and how to identify opportunities for your name to stand out against competitors. The workshop will dive into the nuts and bolts of name development, including:

• Building a strong brand foundation for naming.

• Common naming pitfalls and how to avoid them.

• Understanding and moving beyond naming trends.

• How trademark and domain considerations often derail naming.

Location: Grand Gardens Downtown
Address: 68 Dennis St, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 1Y6, Canada
Price: $25, Free for youth under 29 and students


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