Winter finally loosens its grip this week

Last year at this time, most of our snow was gone

Feeling a little chilly? that’s because an arctic air mass bringing with it the coldest temperatures of the winter settled in over the weekend, but there is a change coming.

Temperatures will gradually warm up over the next five days and we should experience plus temperatures by Friday and staying on the plus side (more or less) right into April.

This map shows the current air masses in North America, the warmer air will slide east and north and settle in for this weekend.

It appears Winter will finally start to loosen its grip with the exception of Southern Ontario where a big storm is currently developing and promises to give areas like Toronto, London and Windsor their biggest snow event of the year.

Meanwhile in the upper Great Lakes , Spring weather and sunshine will move in with some wet snow showers expected turning to some light rain showers for the following week as temperatures climb to the mid to high single digits.

We can expect a lot of melting over the next two to three weeks as April brings with it (at this point anyway) above normal temperatures for the first two weeks of the month.

Overnight temperatures are expected to fall below freezing until the first week of April.


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