NDP demands to know the price tag of Wynne’s self-serving hydro ads

Kathleen Wynne

The NDP is filing requests under Freedom of Information laws to find out just how much public money Premier Kathleen Wynne is spending on advertisements in defense of sky-high hydro bills and the multi-billion-dollar borrowing scheme she still hasn’t released.

“Not one dime has come off people’s sky-rocketing hydro bills and Wynne hasn’t tabled legislation, or even a credible plan to save us money. Yet, she’s spending more of people’s hard-earned dollars on ads claiming the problem is solved,” said Peter Tabuns, Ontario NDP Energy Critic.

“Yet again, it’s all about Kathleen Wynne and her party and not at all about making life more affordable for real people. This looks an awful lot like she’s spending people’s money to try to buy some support in the next election for herself and her party.”

The ads include the tag line “paid for by the Government of Ontario.”

Andrea Horwath has released publicly the NDP’s plan to cut all hydro bills by as much as 30 per cent. It includes reversing the selloff of Hydro One to put it back into public hands, as well as a number of immediate relief measures – such as eliminating time-of-use billing – and permanent fixes to the system.

Following that, the Wynne Liberals announced that they’ll charge Ontario people as much as $40 billion in interest payments as their bid to buy some relief on the hydro file. The NDP has been calling for details of that phantom plan – demanding to see legislation immediately. Wynne’s government has refused, and has not explained how she’ll bill Ontario families for that extra expense.


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