Dog found after 22 days in the bush

Cyclone appears skinny and weak from his ordeal

You may recall a article on March 1st concerning a vehicle rollover on Highway 17 north near Wawa.  The highways were snow-packed with icy sections at the time of the incident. The pick-up truck rolled over causing one of the family dogs to run off.

Cyclone a male, border collie/lab mix, with a black body, brown legs and head could not be found.

Rollover on March 1st near Wawa. Cyclone went missing.

After spending 22 days alone and scared in the thick bush of Northern Ontario, Cyclone was found and is being returned to his owner. The man and his dogs lived down south so it’s amazing the dog was able to survive in bitter cold temperatures and little food.

March 1st rollover on Highway 17, Cyclone the dog went missing following the rollover
Paula Penno from Wawa tells that Cyclone was found wandering in the town of Wawa near Pinewood Drive. A person recognized the dog from photos posted on Facebook. “I have been out every night looking for him, even when others gave up” Penno said. “he looks very tired and weak and skinny” Penno said. The dog was about 45 minutes away from the crash site. Penno thinks with the snow melting, the dog was able to get out of the bush.

The dog is now en-route to Sault Ste. Marie for a vet check before being reunited with his owner.


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