The Northern Ontario Party continues to build strength for the 2018 election


The Northern Ontario Party continues to make history and this weekend was no exception.

Trevor Holliday and The NOP executive board, are proud to announce the formation of not one, but two more Riding Associations for the Northern Ontario Party.  On Saturday, April 22, Riding Associations were created and candidates were chosen for the Algoma-Manitoulin and the Timiskaming – Cochrane provincial ridings. The Northern Ontario Party is proud to announce the following party members have been selected to form the executive board for these 2 ridings

Timiskaming- Cochrane Riding Association Board

President- Shawn P. Poirier

Vice President- Gary Schaap

RA CFO – Tim Glassford

Member &Volunteer Coordinator – Darren Davidson

Board Secretary -Patricia Morin Poirier

Riding Association Director & Advisor- Gino Chitaroni

Timiskaming – Cochrane Candidate – Shawn P. Poirier

Algoma-Manitoulin Riding Association Board

Riding Association President – Myles Clayton

Riding Association Vice President – Lyle Lewis

Riding Association CFO – Laurie McHale-Lee

Riding Association Secretary – Pamela Janet Piche

R.A. Membership & Volunteer Coordinator – Wanda Clayton

Algoma-Manitoulin Candidate – Tommy Lee

The NOP is now setting their sights westward as they look to create a Riding Association Board for Thunder bay- Atikokan provincial riding. Any members of the public who are interested in joining the Northern Ontario Party or finding out more information are encouraged to check out our website at

In other news, The Northern Ontario Party is ready to release their platforms and these will come out in a separate media release this week.  One of the highlights includes the party passing a platform that an elected NOP MPP will be required to vote on issues in parliament on how the majority of their constituents wish him/her to vote. There will be no ‘party whip’. The party will develop a standard polling method that we commit to using prior to all votes in the provincial legislature. Unlike the other political parties of Ontario, The Northern Ontario Party is committed to truly representing the needs and wants of the citizens of Northern Ontario


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