Meet Pete & Kris Stinnissen from Salamander Ridge Farm


Pete and Kris have been proud vendors at the Algoma Farmers’ Market since 1999. They grow a great variety of produce on their farm on St. Joseph Island. As well as the more common vegetables such as peas and carrots, they love to dabble in more unusual products such as jerusalem artichokes, lovage, snow peas and sugar snap peas, sunflowers, grape leaves and fiddleheads. They enjoy discussing these lesser-known products with interested customers.

Salamander Ridge Farm has been growing organically since Pete and Kris bought their farm in 1989.  The farm was certified organic for several years until the fees became too high. The official certification has been dropped to keep their costs and prices down. They still follow all of the strict rules that apply to certified organic growers. They will sell only what they would put on their own table, and the stewardship of the land is a passion of theirs. With no application of any chemicals to the land, it makes it safe not only for them but for many varieties of animals, insects and plants.

As well as in-season fruits and vegetables, they offer farm-fresh graded eggs and fabulous baked goods at their booth. (Plus all-butter scones!)  A variety of jams, jellies, pickles, chutneys and relishes are made with the farm’s own ingredients as well.

Pete and Kris are year-round vendors, attending both the summer market at the Bondar Park and the winter market at the Wellington Square Mall.
Mill Market – May 2017

May Featured Events:

Start of Summer Season and New Hours!

Our summer season runs from May 24th to October 11th

Hours until May 24th: Saturdays 10am to 3pm

Hours from May 24th to October 11th: Saturdays 8am to 2pm and Wednesdays 12pm to 4pm
Available in May from new Mill Market Vendor Plant Farm Co.!

–         Pea shoots

–         Sun shoots

–         Greens (lettuce, baby kale, arugala)

–         Salad turnips

–         Radishes

–         Seedlings

–         Chard


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