NDP calls for legislative session to be extended


QUEEN’S PARK – Kathleen Wynne is about to enact a plan that will cause hydro bills to soar for decades, and the public isn’t even being given time to weigh in. That’s why the NDP is calling for the legislative session to be extended by at least one week.

Today, Wynne’s Liberals will force through a motion that will limit debate, and cut the window for public hearings down to a meagre six-hour window.

“The Liberals want to allow the public a mere six hours of feedback on a deal that they expect us all to spend 30 years paying back,” said Horwath. “Obviously, Kathleen Wynne still isn’t getting it. People can’t take any more of her hydro bill hikes. By extending the sitting, we can give people an opportunity to contact the Liberals and have their say. Families and businesses deserve a chance to tell Kathleen Wynne about the affordability crisis they’re already facing before she hikes their hydro bills again.”

Horwath will call for the additional week through a unanimous consent motion in the house Wednesday morning.

“We can’t let Kathleen Wynne do any more damage to people’s cost of living,” said Horwath. “The NDP team and I are willing to stay for as long as it takes to let everyone have their say, and properly debate the Liberal hydro borrowing scheme. We’ll do whatever it takes to convince Kathleen Wynne that we need to get this one right – because Ontarians just can’t take any more hikes on their hydro bills.”


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