When life gets scary

This Rocky Life

Once again, it is shortly before midnight and I am debating on whether to write. It has been a month since my last article and I am just not sure if I am ready to get back at it. Life has been upside down lately, for a number of reasons. Since I usually wear my heart on my sleeve, it has been difficult to keep the downs to myself. Usually I share just about everything.

For those in my immediate circle, you know what has been taking place. For those who don’t, all I can say is that it has all resolved itself and we are so grateful for a multitude of answered prayers.

Once again, we were reminded just how fleeting and precious life can be. One moment we are moving along, like we have all the time in the world. Then, out of nowhere, in another moment, life gets scary. We face the things we need to face, we do the best we can to cope, we pray for a positive outcome and we hope that the worst case scenario from the darkest shadows of our mind never surface into reality.

When faced with difficult times, we come together. Sometimes this triggers demons from our past, or helps to heal the wounds that had remained open. Sometimes, we are able to focus in on what truly matters, leaving the less important or complicated stuff where it belongs. Sometimes, we are exhausted, weary, frustrated, confused, worried, sad, angry or bitter.

When the really important stuff hits us, we often lose track of days, delegate the tasks that someone else can handle, only do the bare minimum of what is needed to function and put all of our attention where it belongs. Other times, we break down, lose it, suffer or experience the pain of not knowing, wondering ‘what if’, or compiling our list of regrets.

I have to constantly remind myself that this is life. Life is not supposed to be some perfect ride, with only ups, where we are joyful, happy, content, loved and full of pleasure, all of the time. Life is full of downs, too. Every single human being on the planet experiences pain, suffers, hurts, cries or faces difficult moments. This is the fullness of life and necessary to strengthen us.

All I can say is that there is something triumphant about coming out on the other side of the deepest and most primal worry that we can have. It is like we have been in a grueling race, where we were tested, tried, challenged or confronted. Maybe we failed at times, maybe we were about to fall into despair at times, maybe we wanted to give up hoping, because it seemed so unrealistic.

Life can be hard. We may even find ourselves screaming at the water pump for the shower to kick back on so that we can finish rinsing the shampoo from our hair, because we needed to be out the door as quickly as possible. Maybe, we boiled over, to the people we love the most because we just couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe, we needed to feel the worst case scenario, for even a few minutes, so that we can appreciate what we do have and what we couldn’t imagine living without.

When your pain hits you right between the eyes, when you least expect it and at the most inconvenient of times, may you also realize just how alive you really are to be face-to-face with something that important that you were willing to stop everything and just focus.

My wish for you is that you surround yourself with a network of supportive, caring and loving people, who pray for you and your family, send you wishes of kindness and thoughtfulness and fill your heart with strengthening words and messages that it will all work out.

Thank you to all of you who did that for us. We appreciate you more that you realize. We are grateful for you. We were fueled by you. Now that blessings have blanketed us in our journey, may you know how significant and important you are in the lives of others. You have been so significant and important to us.

If you are going through a difficult time, I would like to send those same thoughts to you. Declutter what you need to declutter from your life and schedule to give the attention you need to yourself and your issue. Understand that people will support you, if you reach out to them. Be grateful for every small thing that blesses your life, along the way. And pray….. Somehow, peace can find you, even in the middle of chaos.


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