Have Fun But Be Responsible warns OPP


(WAWA, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Superior East Detachments would like to remind motorists, boaters and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) enthusiasts to drive with care and the consideration needed to get to your destination safely.

Every operator has a responsibility to direct their entire attention to driving safely. Drivers need to remember that the true danger to public safety lies in the distraction, not the device. Distracted driving refers to all forms of distracted or inattentive driving, such as adjusting a vehicle’s entertainment or GPS unit or stereo, eating and driving, using a hand-held device, self-grooming or tending to children in the backseat.

Collision fatalities in which driver inattention was a factor have surpassed alcohol-related fatalities since distracted driving laws came into effect.

This Canada Day, celebrate the correct way…pay attention, don’t drink and drive and, when you are safe to do so, report bad driving to your nearest police agency immediately. Lives are depending on it.


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