Man protests seizure of pot, bong in underwear


CAMBRIDGE, Ont. – A man from southern Ontario is resorting to some partial nudity to get his bong and medical marijuana back from local police.

Wearing nothing but socks, running shoes and a pair of brightly coloured briefs, 31-year-old Jeffrey Shaver has been protesting outside the Kitchener, Ont., courthouse and various police stations in the region while smoking a bong.

Beside the Cambridge, Ont., man are usually two signs, reading “Return My Bong” and “Return My Marijuana.”

Shaver, who was protesting at the courthouse earlier this week, claims he is a registered medical marijuana user but was arrested by Waterloo regional police in October for possession of marijuana.

He says police seized his bong and about two grams of marijuana, and he says he won’t stop protesting until he gets the items back.

In a statement, police say they are reviewing the circumstances around Shaver’s claim and confirmed they received a complaint from him in connection with his arrest that has been registered with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.


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